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We are a refrigeration semi-hermetic compressor parts manufacturer.

We mainly produce electricity terminal plates and oil crankcase heaters that can be used for semi-hermetic compressors, reciprocating compressors, and screw compressors, like brands Bitzer, Carrier, Copeland, Frascold, York, Dorin, RefComp, Hanbell, Hitachi, Fusheng, Bock, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Dhanum Bush. Also provide gasket sets, valve plate kits, connecting rod and piston, crankshafts, bearing bushes, thrust washers, wrist pins, piston rings, suction valve slices, discharge valve slices, Oil splashers, Shutoff valves, plastic rings for piston pins, circlip, oil pump, valve plate reeds, filters, absorb springs, junction boxes, etc…

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Refrigeration Compressor Spare & Replacement Parts

What are the compressor parts, it is spare and replacement parts for refrigeration semi-hermetic compressors. In addition to original brand compressor parts, many people will choose OEM replacement compressor parts because they are cheaper and can help save more cost. But it’s important to find a good quality supplier. We have been a compressor parts manufacturer for over 10 years,  our sales team and technical team have continued to communicate and innovate, and have developed multiple types of terminal plates and oil crankcase heaters suitable for various brands of refrigeration compressors. Accept customization for the compressor terminal plate and crankcase heater, welcome to provide the sample and drawing to us.


Bitzer Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Compressor Parts


We mainly produce the terminal plates and oil heaters for Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors. Due to the high quality of our reciprocating compressor spare parts and competitive prices, we have accumulated many customers over the years and won the trust of our customers. To provide customers with one-stop purchasing services and save customers time in finding suppliers, we also purchase a large number of inventory accessories for customers. Mainly offer replacement spare parts for Bitzer reciprocating compressor refurbishment, repair, and remanufacturing.


We are offering Bitzer reciprocating compressor repairing spare parts as below:

Bitzer reciprocating compressor repairing terminal plates

Bitzer compressor 9 leads terminal plateBitzer reciprocating compressor terminal platesemi-hermetic compressor terminal plateBitzer reciporcating compressor repairing spare parts terminal plateBitzer screw compressor refurbished terminal plates 322 size

Bitzer reciprocating compressor repairing valve plates

Bitzer two stage compressor valve plate S6J-16.2-40P S6J-16.2Y-40PBitzer rebuild compressor valve plateArt No. 30401608 Valve Plate Assembly for Bitzer S6F Low Pressure Stage CompressorArt No. 30405202 Valve Plate Assembly for Bitzer 4P CompressorValve Plate Assembly for Bitzer S6G Low Pressure Stage Compressor

Bitzer reciprocating compressor connecting rod & piston

40.93 piston for Bitzer CompressorBitzer reciprocating compressor connecting rod and pistonBitzer Compressor Connecting Rod undersized 010Bitzer Compressor Connecting Rod undersized 020Bitzer Compressor Connecting Rod STD




  • Why replacement parts for compressor maintenance can save more cost?
  • A: Because there are competitive materials in China.
  • Why does our terminal plate can save time for refrigeration semi-hermetic and screw compressor repairs and refurbishments?
  • A: Because our studs and boards are combined and form a whole.
  • Why do our terminal plates have a long service life? And has strong working performance?
  • A: The high-temperature sintering process of glass powder makes the studs and the steel plate closer, enhancing the air tightness, high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, waterproof, and anti-fouling properties.

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