Copeland Connecting Rod Part No. 508-0032-00

Copeland Connecting Rod and Piston Part No. 508-0032-00


ITEM NAME              Connecting Rod and Piston

PARTS TO FIT           4DA, 8RS, 4DC, 4DE, 4DH, 4DJ, 4DK, 4DL, 4DN, 4DP, 4DR, 4DS, 4RA, 4RE, 4RH,4RJ,                                      4RK, 4RL, 4RR, 6DB, 6DC, 6DD, 6DE, 6DF, 6DG, 6DH, 6DJ, 6DK, 6DL, 6DM, 6DN,                                            6DP, 6DR, 6DS, 6DT, 6DY, 6RA, 6RB, 6RE, 6RF, 6RH, 6RJ, 6RK, 6RL, 6RP, 6RR, 6RS,                                        6RT, 6TM, 8DP, 8DS, 8RP, 4DB

REFERENCE NO       508-0032-00, 5080032-00, 20-4D-RD

OTHER INFO             Copeland compressor connecting rod and piston

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