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MDN is a trustworthy manufacturer of glass and metal sintering parts used in refrigeration compressors components.

The sealing of glass to metal is vertically integrated with plating, brazing, soldering, and welding. The primary parts created by MDN include hermetic terminals, semi-hermetic compressor terminal plates, crankcase heaters, and thermistor protectors.

They offer outstanding electrical insulation, sealing, voltage resistance, and mechanical resistance properties for long-term use.



MDN Electronics set high-quality standards from raw material selection to manufacturing processes, and to finished product inspections.


Our terminal plates deliver durable gas-tightness that’s maintained even under extreme environmental conditions, such as high temperature, pressure, humidity, and vibration. 

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Carlyle Compressor Model Numbers

The quality of a cooling system depends on the compressor that drives it. That’s why Carlyle manufactures the best compressors in the world, featuring unique unloading capabilities, excellent performance at various operating temperatures, and sustainable refrigerants. Here is a list of Carlyle compressor model numbers that I have compiled. I hope it

Bitzer Spare Parts List for Semi-hermetic Compressor Replacement

There are a lot of Bitzer parts you will need for repairing the compressor. You may need to have a list, a Bitzer spare parts list which is clear to know which you will need. Now are going to show you the Bitzer spare parts list: 1. Thermistor Protectors The

Semi-hermetic Compressor Troubleshooting Guide

The compressor maintenance processing  Overheating The compressor generates heat from the electrical motor, friction between different moving parts, and heat from compression. When the compressor is running outside, its operating envelope or its design conditions is when problems begin. What can cause overheating High discharge temperatures, High compression ratios, High


How to disassemble a Bitzer reciprocating compressor?

Bitzer 4VES-7-40P compressor disassembly. I’ll show you how to properly disassemble the 4VES-7-40P compressor. Begin by depressurizing the compressor to do so you will need to extract the refrigerant via the Schrader valve. Before disassembly, you also need to drain the oil. The screws on the cover of the compressor terminal box are then listened

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