MDN is a trustworthy manufacturer of glass and metal sintering parts used in refrigeration compressors components. The sealing of glass to metal is vertically integrated with plating, brazing, soldering, and welding. The primary parts created by MDN include hermetic terminals, semi-hermetic compressor terminal plates, crankcase heaters, and thermistor protectors. They offer outstanding electrical insulation, sealing, voltage resistance, and mechanical resistance properties for long-term use.

The company employs engineers with technical expertise in materials engineering. Engineering facilities house state-of-the-art equipment to conduct material system analysis, mechanical/electrical design and testing, shock/cycle testing, and burst testing.

Advantages of our factory


Free Custom Service

As long as you provide us with drawings or samples, we can meet your customized requirements.


The Fastest Delivery

Our factory is only three hours away from the Shanghai port and Ningbo Port.


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Our price is the most competitive without sacrificing product quality.