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Medino manufactures premium glass-to-metal(GTM) compressor terminals for all the HVAC refrigerators and air conditioners, commercial refrigerators and semi-hermetic compressors.

We are committed to be your most-reliable compressor terminal supplier. To provid constantly high quality products, the highest level of customer service, competitive price, and speedy delivery.

Before manufacturing, expert technicians check and confirm your drawing or samples.

During manufacturing, strict quality inspections are carried out in each process.

Before delivery, every compressor terminal gets tested one more time for pressure leaks and any other malfunctions.

     – All failing compressor terminal plates get discarded.

     – As an essential quality control requirement, every compressor terminal plate is laser marked with unique identification code, make quality traceable.

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With outstanding material knowledge and technological expertise

MEDINO produces customized electrical terminal solutions that increase performance and create market opportunities.

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Team Workers

From the establishment of the company to the present, the workers in our team are still there. We are very grateful to the team workers.

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Stock Ability

Mass production and stocking of replacement parts for compressors of various brands.

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compressor parts factory

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