Bitzer Spare Parts List for Semi-hermetic Compressor Replacement

There are a lot of Bitzer parts you will need for repairing the compressor. You may need to have a list, a Bitzer spare parts list which is clear to know which you will need.

Now are going to show you the Bitzer spare parts list:

1. Thermistor Protectors

The functions and uses of thermistor protectors in HVAC&R refrigeration semi-hermetic compressors mainly include the following aspects:

Overload protection: When the compressor current exceeds the rated value, the thermistor protector will sense the increase in temperature and cut off the circuit, thereby protecting the compressor from overload damage.

Overheating protection: The thermistor protector can detect the temperature of the compressor when it is running. When the temperature exceeds the safe range, the protector will cut off the power to prevent damage caused by overheating of the compressor.

Short circuit protection: When a short circuit occurs in the circuit, the thermistor protector can respond quickly and cut off the power supply to avoid damage to the compressor and other parts of the circuit.

Start-up protection: When the compressor starts, the current will increase instantly. The thermistor protector can limit the starting current and protect the motor and other components inside the compressor.

Thermistor protectors play a key protective role in semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, so when we make thermistor protectors, we use thermistor components with stable temperature sensitivity and fast response time; To ensure the performance and life of the thermistor, we choose packaging materials with good heat resistance and insulation properties.

Our factory can provide reliable thermistor protectors. To ensure that the life of the semi-hermetic compressor you use is extended, please choose our protectors. We welcome your consultation at any time and accept customized services.

compressor thermistor protector

2. Electrical Terminal Plate

The terminal plate plays a key electrical connection and protection role in Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors and Bitzer screw refrigeration compressors. The terminal plate we provide has good temperature resistance, insulation, corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and electrical conductivity. Our terminal plates are widely used in the maintenance, refurbishment, rebuilding, and remanufacturing of semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors and screw refrigeration compressors. We provide replacement of 9 pins terminal plate, 6 pins terminal plate, and 3 pins terminal plate for Bitzer compressors.

compressor electrical terminal plate

3. Oil Heater

The crankcase oil heater plays an important role in Bitzer refrigeration compressors. By heating the lubricating oil, it ensures its fluidity and lubrication performance in low-temperature environments, thereby ensuring the normal operation and long service life of the compressor. We use high-quality stainless steel, copper, and nickel alloys, which have good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Our reasonable design makes installation more convenient and provides comprehensive safety protection measures to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the oil heater.

Bitzer compressor crankcase oil heater

4. Stator & Rotor

To ensure that the motor has high efficiency, long lifespan, and high reliability, we use high silicon steel sheets with high magnetic permeability and low loss characteristics, as well as high-purity oxygen free copper wires as raw materials. Our Stator&Rotors are widely used in the maintenance and refurbishment of semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors.

5. Connecting Rod & Piston

We offer two different manufacturing processes for connecting rods, one is cast connecting rods. Cast connecting rods may have internal defects, and their quality and reliability are relatively low, but they have a price advantage. Another type is forged connecting rods, which have a dense internal structure, higher quality and reliability, and are relatively expensive. You can choose connecting rods of different processes qualities according to the situation of your Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor.

At the same time, we also provide pistons with different manufacturing processes, one of which is pressure cast pistons. The metal structure of pressure cast pistons is relatively dense, reducing defects such as porosity and shrinkage. Another type is semi-solid casting piston, with a metal structure that has higher precision and density. You can choose pistons with different process qualities according to the situation of your Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor.

Bitzer compressor connecting rod and piston

6. Gasket set

Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor gaskets are consumer products in the field of compressor maintenance and refurbishment. We can provide large quantities of rubber gaskets that are resistant to high pressure, temperature, and oil, asbestos gaskets, and metal gaskets.

bitzer 2cc compressor gasket sets

7. Bitzer Valve Plate Assembly

To ensure the high efficiency and practicality of the semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor, we provide valve plates made of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and high-strength stainless steel materials. Through precision stamping, heat treatment, and surface treatment processes, we manufacture high-performance and durable valve plates to meet the needs of HVAC refrigeration compressors.

We can provide valve plates for Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors and screw compressors. If you have any business in repairing or refurbishing compressors, please feel free to contact me for inquiries.

Bitzer Valve Plate Assembly

8. Crankshaft

We have selected high-quality stainless steel raw materials such as 40Cr, 42CrMo, 45 # steel, and QT600-3. Through precise manufacturing processes and strict quality control, we ensure that the crankshaft can work stably and reliably in the refrigeration Bitzer compressor, providing efficient refrigeration performance.

Bitzer compressor crankshaft

9. Bearing Bush

We produce bearing bushes for Bitzer, Carrier, and Copeland compressors. Depending on the usage of the compressor, we can provide brass and stainless steel materials bushes, as well as provide with forging bearing bush and casting bearing bush.

Bitzer compressor bearing bushes

10. Thrust Washer

The thrust washer can provide reliable axial support and protection in the Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor, ensuring efficient and long-lasting operation of the compressor.

Bitzer Compressor Thrust Washers

11. Oil Firlter

The main function of oil filter is to filter impurities in lubricating oil, such as metal shavings, dust, dirt, etc. If these impurities enter the moving parts of the compressor, they may cause wear, blockage, and even damage the compressor. By filtering lubricating oil, oil filtration can effectively protect the internal components of the compressor, such as bearings, pistons, valves, etc., extend their service life, and improve the reliability and stability of the equipment.

In all, you shall need to know the parts list of Bitzer compressor before you are buying, hope this Bitzer spare parts list is helpful to you.

Bitzer compressor oil filter 40S

12. Protection Module

The important functions of the protection module in the Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor include overload prevention, overheating protection, phase loss protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, phase sequence protection, start-up protection, pressure protection, oil level and oil pressure protection.

By using protection modules, refrigeration semi-hermetic compressors can achieve intelligent monitoring and protection, effectively preventing faults, ensuring the safe operation of equipment, extending service life, and improving the reliability and stability of the overall system.

We can provide Gold Air protection module model SE-B1, SE-E1, SE-B2, and OUT69 for Bitzer compressors.

protection module model SE-B1, SE-E1, SE-B2, and OUT69 for Bitzer compressors.

13. Shut-off Valve

We mainly produce cast iron shut-off valves for refrigeration compressors, and can provide Bitzer shut-off valves, Copeland brass shut-off valves, and Carrier shut-off valves.

Applicable media: R22, R502, R407C, R410A, R134a, R404A, R600a and other refrigerants and various refrigeration oils.

Bitzer Cast iron shut off valveBitzer compressor shut-off valves

14. Oil Pump

Oil pumps are used for Bitzer compressor maintenance, rebuild, and remanufacturing.

bitzer compressor oil pumps

15. Junction Box 

Junctiong box is for protecting the electric terminal plates in the Bitzer compressors.

Bitzer compressor terminal plate junction box

16. Valve Reed 

We provide valve reeds for Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor valve plates.

Bitzer compressor valve reeds

17. Motor Stator Puller 

Our motor stator puller is used for Carrier compressor maintenance, Copeland compressor maintenance, and Bitzer compressor maintenance.

Bitzer compressor motor stator and rotor puller tools

18. Spring Shock Absorber

We provide spring shock absorbers for Bitzer compressors.

Bitzer compressor Spring Shock Absorber

Hope my Bitzer spare parts list can give you more help!

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