air cooler system condensing units

air cooler system condensing units

  1. The semi-hermetic compressor has long-life use and good quality.
  2. Hydrophilic aluminum fin with high heat exchange efficiency. The condenser area is large, the cooling effect more efficient and strong defrosting effect.
  3. Outer router axial flow fan with bigger air volume, and low noise.
  4. High-quality electric control box.
  5. Quick cooling and automatic defrosting.
  6. Low noise and stable operating.
  7. High efficiency and energy saving.
  8. Dust proof screen window was used to protect the machine.
  9. The additional base for easy installation.
  10. A protective board was adopted on the two sides to protect the copper tubes from damage.



Product name: air cooler system condensing units
Refrigerant: R22,R407etc.
Voltage: AC220v/380v/customized,50Hz/60Hz
Cold room temperature: -25~45℃
Range of evaporating temperature: -30~50℃
Warranty: 1 Year

Composition: Compressor, crankcase heater, oil pressure safety switch, air-cooled condenser, receiving tank, drier filter, meter panel,
pressure controller, refrigeration oil, protection gas, double stage compressor with intermediate cooler