Crankcase heaters for Bizer 4H 4G 6G 6H 6F

Crankcase heaters are mainly used in new refrigeration semi-hermetic compressors and remanufactured semi-hermetic compressors. The crankcase heaters can match with Bitzer type of compressor S6F,S6H,S6G,4TCS,6F,6G,4FC,6H,4EC,4NCS,4G,4DC,4CC,4H,4PCS…




Power: 100W/200W

Insulation Resistance: ≥ DC500V 10MΩ( normal temp)

Insulation Withstand Voltage: AC1500V- 1min

Insulation withstand High temperature: DC500V- 3MΩ(single machine)-50 s and test.

Withstand Voltage: DC500V- 10MΩ(testing after 96 hours in temperature 40℃,humidity 95%)

Torsion test: Bear 3G 2000C.P.M. with 8hours excalibur

Testing voltage Rated voltage: 120% of rated voltage

The cylindrical degree of the shell: <0.05

Competitive Advantage

The crankcase heater can match well with most of the world’s famous compressors, like Bitzer, Hanbell, RefComp, Frascold, Carrier, Copeland, and Sanyo. Also, customization is available.