About us

MDN Electronics set high-quality standards from raw material selection, to manufacturing processes, and to finished product inspections. Our compressor terminal plates and crankcase heaters are custom-designed and manufactured to suit refrigeration compressor systems, precisely created to provide long-term reliability.

To fully serve our customers, we have added refrigeration semi-hermetic compressors, and accessories like pistons, connecting rods, valve plates, gaskets, valve reeds, discharge valves and suction valves…

Our client, Minzhu Refrigeration Co., Ltd., produces semi-hermetic compressors. They appreciate the quality of our terminal plates and crankcase heaters, so we cooperate until to now. The boss wants to expand the foreign market and authorize our company to sell.

Production Strength

With well-equipped facilities, we trust, can provide high quality products, fast delivery, and professional services for our customers.


We make use of high purity heat resistance glass imported from the US. Our glass to metal sintering terminal plates have high insulating properties. Our inspection standard is strictly controlled at 3500V and above, current leakage less than 0.5mA and fully inspected before shipping our terminal plates.

Surface Treatment

Our terminal plates all undergo an advanced electroless nickel plating process and resistant to rust, corrosives, acid and alkali, and various refrigerants.