Copeland Compressor Crankcase Heater 918-0028-01 240V 110W

Copeland Compressor 918-0028-01 Crankcase Heater 240V 110W

Crankcase heaters are mainly used in new refrigeration semi-hermetic compressors and remanufactured semi-hermetic compressors. They carry large capacity and can continuously supply high energy. The terminal plate is the most important part of the compressor, so they are required high performance to transfer high power constantly and stability.




Electricity consumption: Rated power±10%

Insulation Resistance: ≥ DC500V 10MΩ( normal temp)

Insulation Withstand Voltage: AC1500V- 1min

Insulation withstands High temperature: DC500V- 3MΩ(single machine)-50 s and test.

Withstand Voltage: DC500V- 10MΩ(testing after 96 hours in temperature 40℃, humidity 95%)

Torsion test: Bear 3G 2000C.P.M. with 8hours Excalibur

Testing voltage Rated voltage: 120% of rated voltage

The cylindrical degree of the shell: <0.05

Competitive Advantage

Crankcase heaters can match well with most of the world’s famous compressors, like Bitzer, Hanbell, RefComp, Frascold, Carrier, Copeland, and Sanyo. Also, customization is available.